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Original Bloom Soil/Aarde A Softwater

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A + B are nothing to shout about whilst Take Root and Explode are plenty to shout about!
A + B are fine but nothing to shout about whilst Take rRot and Explode are the absolute opposite and are plenty to shout about!
I had an issue to start but bcoz hard water nutrients not compatible with soft water, this plant took the hardest hit but recovered amazingly! After using correct nutrients for my water type, I’m loving the dutchpro nutrients and recommend everyone to give them a try, I was a die hard 3 part base nutrients user before switching to dutchpro.. the dutchpro will leave your end product to die for!!!
Love this suff simple to use and great results
Love this suff will always stick to this. never Get burn or deficiency
I love this stuff great results and never any issues with deficiency or burn
Big fan won't be changing any time soon
Absolutely love their range I've tried others but will stick with this from now on. Great for healthy plants