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General Hydroponics was founded in the mid 70's near San Francisco, California, by a group of scientists, researchers and technicians. 

Within a few years, it became famous all over the world because of the quality of its products and its sense of innovation.

The main goals of company are to offer the best quality of service and to bring solutions for some of the environmental problems of planet.

The line of products is great, often unique, and always in evolution. It is developed and tested in California and in France.

They are used in the most important world laboratories, even NASA uses Flora-series and the AeroFlo in their studies on cultivation in their space stations.

GHE has devised a technology is called "Aero-hydroponics": plants grow without substrate, in a perfectly balanced flow of nutritive solution, saturated with oxygen.

General Hydroponics (GHE)General Hydroponics (GHE)General Hydroponics (GHE)

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I believe these nutrients do the job, I have not tried anything else so I am not qualified to compare.

6 hours ago

I have nothing to say i always use GHE

10 hours ago

Found GHE very easy to use and got great results from it - will be using in my next run no doubt.

1 day ago

Good lineup of nutrients, but I've only ever used these.

1 day ago

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GH is a product I don't recommend. It's owned by Scott's which develops products that cause cancer. Do some research on their product lines and make your own choice. Scott's is currently hurting the cannabis market with distribution tactics that raises question of the companies ethics. Research all products extensively and make your choice that is healthy for you and won't harm your community or local wildlife.

Your ethic values should be if the highest quality.....and your buds will follow suit.

Happy growing 2020


@CNDgrinder, are you sure??? do you have evidence to prove your thesis or can you share with us why you warn us that product is dangerous? Just curious, because after reading the rest of your comment it seems like what bothers you is the marketing / economic ethics of the company and not public health...


I love GHE