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Humic Acid Plus works as a natural chelating agent for microelements. It raises their usefulness for plants, especially under alkaline conditions.

Humic Acid Plus benefits plants during the entire life cycle and can be used with any growing media.

With Humic Acid Plus, plants profit from a higher efficiency of fertilizers. Nutrients are absorbed more effectively by the soil, so less fertilizer is drained to waste. The plant's cell structure is positively influenced, which leads to higher nutritional needs. Beneficial microorganisms within Humic Acid Plus raise the production of biomass. The decline of UV unstable trace elements like Vitamins and Iron is reduced. Natural enzymes are produced, which benefit the soil structure and the water holding capacity of plants. Higher yields of superior flavor and quality are the result.

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Organic Nutrient Yes
Nutrient TypeClassic N-P-K or micro-elements nutrient
Feeding StyleDay-to-day Solution
Release Year: Previously Released

Chemical composition




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Organic all the way:heart_eyes::seedling::green_heart:
Make's my bud's so frosty :drooling_face::grin::hugging_face::green_heart::seedling:
Best there is:hugging_face::green_heart::seedling:
This is a brand that one can tell, have a real passion for growing :hugging_face: My plant's and I will never go without :green_heart::seedling:
I will say that im' very happy with this organic fertilizer, changed completely to Green Buzz after trying it this run:pray:

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