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Tokemon Newbie
Auto Sweet Soma
Growing it
This girl didn't yield a whole lot but that's not a surprise because seed bank said 1-2 oz for this strain. About 45 grams -- happy with this considering my grow space is only 2.5 ft high. I encountered very few problems during my first grow.

Smoke report:

I live in Colorado so I assumed the bud I was getting at the dispensary was already high quality. It turns out I was wrong. I did a side by side comparison with a few indicas that I had laying around -- this was way smoother and better tasting than some stuff I paid like $50 per eighth for. (This may be in part because I did an aggressive flush, barely giving any nutes in the last 2 weeks.)

The smell/flavor is very flowery and smooth. My friend described it as "a lot of lavender with a hint of vanilla."

High is relaxing but doesn't make me feel sleepy. It has almost no psychoactive effects but helps a lot with my chronic pain (smoked almost a gram and my friends couldn't really tell I was high.)

The first night I smoked it I even got a body high as I was laying in bed. Super cool.


Very satisfied with my first grow using seeds I got for free. Going to try some more expensive genetics now that I've got the growing process figured out.

Probably not a strain that any professional growers are going to try, but if you want an easy-to-grow dwarf plant and just need a little bud for pain management I recommend it. I have no problem staying awake and energetic. It's a great strain to smoke while working at my computer.

It's very different from most of the popular strains I've had in the U.S. which makes it fun to share with friends.
4 years ago