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This extra potent indica dominant strain stays short (50-100cm) and compact, developing dense, rock hard buds with the trademark deep rich purple throughout. Resin production is extremely high and later in flowering buds are coated with THC trichomes. THC levels have been recorded up to 21%. This legendary strain offers excellent medicinal qualities; the high THC and CBD levels are particularly beneficial for the treatment of pain relief and insomnia. The smoke is something special offering a delicate sweet grape flavour, a definite for the connoisseur. The stone is the classic heavy indica, starting off heady, followed by a strong and deeply relaxing body stone. A fast, potent, autoflowering purple strain, Auto GDP is a must try!


1 oz
Harvest Weight


Gender Feminised
Genes Sativa/Ruderalis
Harvest 200-300g/sm
Flowering 8-10 weeks

Tastes & Effects

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Dry mouth
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Tonks Apprentice
Auto GDP
Growing it
Love love love this strain :D Easy to grow, handled topping with no problems, put up with harsh conditions several times throughout the grow, and yielded over 5.5oz of beautiful dense frosty buds. She would be great for resin products, keeps gunking up my grinder and gave a good chunk of scissor hash :D
Definite stinker of a strain - the carbon filter struggled and I only had two plants in the tent this run. Double bagger. The structure on this pheno was amazing, real sativa style of growth. After topping barely any training required, mainly just some defol.
Taste after a two week cure is fruity and spicy, bit of a berry taste in there too. Definite indica effects - sleepy hungry happy kinda strain with some nice pain relief properties for medical use.
Didn't get much purple coming through, unsure if that's a pheno thing, or more likely due to the heat since the stems were purple, and I did get some bud colouration in the last week when the temps dropped. Be cool to run her again in winter and see what happens! Good bag appeal on this one either way since the nugs are frosty little rocks of goodness.
Grown in a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m tent
11L Fabric Pot
Medium: Nutrifield Coco/Perlite blend
600W HPS light
Topped on day 15 at the 4th node
Dry yield 158gms
2 months ago
GrimbolTheDruid Apprentice
Auto GDP
Growing it
So I had to harvest these a 1-2 weeks early due to spider mites and bud rot. I lost about half this plant, including most of the main cola, to bud rot unfortunately. It was very light grey and deep in the bud so by the time I saw it it was way too late. I am lucky I was able to salvage anything. It just got consistently cold and wet like it always does here in August.

The smoke: It smokes very smooth and has a heavy indica feel to it. I am actually pretty proud of how powerful she is after all she went through. A longer cure would have done her good but because of the mold I dried her quick and I have been smoking it for a bit now.

Lots of good lessons learned. Thanks all.
10 months ago

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