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Mr_fluffy Apprentice
Big Bud
Growing it
Harvested the first 4 plants labeled red at day 63. They have a lot of rock hard buds. Really rock hard. Even the small buds under the canopy are decent looking. They also have a good bud to leaf ratio. They are not to big so I think they are perfect for scrog. All 4 plants yielded almost the same. 65g dry bud :wink: Dry weight 265g
Chopped the 4 white labeled plants 21/06/18.
Small in statue. Quite a lot of branches that makes it a bit to crowded plant. Lots of undeveloped fluffy popcorns under the canopy. The few top buds was actually pretty good sized and dense. But low weight. On of them where very small. 124g dry
Harvested the 4 Blue labeled plants 23/06/18
Some of them where beasts and I got 100g dry from one of these lady’s. They where not as super dense as the red ladys. but had some big buds. Combined weight for these lady’s where 285g dry. The smallest gave 50 g. Very bushy and a lot of branches. A bit more leafy than the red ladys. The buds under the canopy where fluffy. They where not traind as good as the others where.
Potency was the same in all the different genos. 7/10 is the overal verdic.
8 months ago