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Just like the name indicates the big bud cannabis plant is a massive bud producer. Known for his large yields, the big bud is well known with commercial growers. Originally developed in the United States but after the war on drugs quickly transported to the Netherlands. Dutch growers successfully improved the Big Bud to become one of the highest yielding cannabis strains in the world. Sumo Seeds succeeded to bring you our own Big Bud which we granted the name; Sumoโ€™s Big Bud. We took our old but famous Big Bud ( Afghan, Skunk #1, White widow genetics) and crossbred it again with The Old Afghani x Skunk #1 x Northern Light hybrid ( New big bud). Just like a Sumo Wrestler the buds of the Sumoโ€™s Big Bud are huge, compact and packed with power. Looking for heavy yielding cannabis seeds? Sumoโ€™s Big Bud is a choice that you wonโ€™t regret.


Gender Feminised
Genes 85% indica / 15% sativa
Genetics Big Bud X New Big Bud
Harvest 480-600 g/m2
Flowering 7-8 weeks

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