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NL Guerrilla Indoor Windows Growth

7 days ago
Room Type
Grow medium
Paper Towel
Germination Method
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Grow Conditions
Week 5
16 hrs
Light Schedule
Pot Size
Pot Size
18.93 ml/gal
18.93 ml/gal
Commented by Phaleg Phaleg
7 days ago

In this week I can easily recognise the positive impact on the growth of moving the plants to the bigger pots, they increased the growth rate so much.

#1 is 55cm tall (21+ inches), it still displays 9 pointed leaves above the internode where it started as reported in previous week diary page

#2 is 54cm tall (21 inches), it displays couple leaves with 8 points and one or 2 new leaves seems to have 9 as well, I will confirm once they grow more

#3 is 34cm tall (13 inches), this is the one that got problem in beginning (read previous page for more details), it is doing its best to recover and get to the same level of the other 2. I see only max 7 pointed leaves so far.

Please share with me your thoughts about it, here's a n00b that likes to learn!

Grow Questions
Phaleg week 4 started grow question 2 weeks ago
Different phenotypes?
(?) Are plants 1 and 2 showing 2 different phenotypes for the different width of the leaves and the 7 vs up to 8-9 pointed leaves?

(check photo and video from week 4 of my diary)
Leaves. Other
PremiumbudsEU answered grow question 2 weeks ago
Hey bud

Pretty nice plants ,
Yess there are two different phenotypes , but that's good , the taste and the look on the buds may be different too.

Happy growing
Phaleg week 5 started grow question 7 days ago
Number of leaves points and genetic
Does the 9-pointed leaves mean that my NL contains more sativa genetic?
If someone was growing SensiSeeds Northern lights before, how were the leaves?
Leaves. Other
Other. General questions
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Organoman answered grow question 7 days ago
The number of blades/points on a plant leaf has no relationship or indication to either sativa or indica genetics, nor does it reflect anything else such as potency, health or vigor, it is all controlled by genetics.
I have had both sativas and indicas with 13 fingered leaves.
Fat, broad and usually shorter blades are usually associated with indica genes and long thin blades are usually associated with sativa genes.
The picture you posted certainly shows a plant with strong indica genes, judged solely on leaf shape in my opinion, which is to be expected from Northern Lights.
Hope this helps, Organoman.
Phaleg week 5 started grow question 3 days ago
Is it a good idea to remove the first 2 or 3 internodes vegetation that are closer to the soil and show small leaves with 3 points?
Leaves. Other
Techniques. Other
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Chow_13 answered grow question 2 days ago
That's what I do, I take off the growth that starts at the Cotyledon's, First set of leaves(single finger) and second set of leaves(three finger). But I leave the fan leaves. The energy will be diverted and used elsewhere.
gottagrowsometime answered grow question 2 days ago
Idk about better air flow. Once you have good air flow you wouldn't remove growth for that purpose, but again down to choice.

It is good to remove all that Larfy airy bud before it turns to even pre flower and you'll get growth like that, little hairs. And even doing some lollipopping will never stand you wrong. Especially if you have, say a weaker like like an SF 1000 (i used for my 1st grow) there is a lot of larf that comes hand in hand with these type of lights. Do maxing out on energy and space will play to bud quality. You just have to get in their early, as early as c you can remove all that crap, (unless you use it all) and bring a whole auto to harvest you'll get a boat load of that growth.

Clearly with photos you control how and where bud will form so not as much needed but still good to control the grow.

It really stands more for autos. Get rid of lower growth and bits of stand alone larf to bank on that energy.

Good luck.
GrowingGrannie answered grow question 3 days ago
Why would you do that? What problem are you trying to resolve? If they're turning yellow and dying off naturally, sure, go ahead.... otherwise it's a non-issue!

Good luck!
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Enjoy growth mate :four_leaf_clover::the_horns::unicorn_face: