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In the window now greenhouse

2 years ago
Random seed Custom Breeder & Strain
Botanicare Nutrients
Room Type
Custom Breeder & Strain - Random seed
Random seed
Custom Breeder & Strain

Growing it




This was a randome seed from an unknown source. But as it grew and now harvested I beielive it to be Liquorice Kush. it was a such a beauty I didn't want to harvest. wish I could have her all the time as a house plant. I'm happy she gave me a few seeds for next year. if you ever come across this strain grow it. I love this plant

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
In the window now greenhouse week 23.
In the window now greenhouse week 23.
In the window now greenhouse week 23.
In the window now greenhouse week 23.
In the window now greenhouse week 23.
In the window now greenhouse week 23. In the window now greenhouse week 23. In the window now greenhouse week 23. In the window now greenhouse week 23. In the window now greenhouse week 23.
Tastes like
Feels like
30% Sativa
70% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry mouth

This was a great bloomer juice. No problems a all. But then this was he first time I got buds outside in this climet:hankey:

A life changer growing this strain! I feel like the past few years I have had a better connection with plants. it was started in the window a little early for our climate but held strong with the Kronic T Brew we make for it. She was fed with this mix for the whole vegetation stag. Planted outside May long weekend she took right off. Thriving the cool nights. Later on in the flowering stage the cold nights and hot days allowed a bit of a longer stretch between nodes but filled out pretty good. When your growing with the elements around you, you try to go with the flow as best you can. Cover the plant every time there was rain or a wind storm, kept it from a lot of weather damage. this is where the term your new baby is well understood. When It was time for flowering in July the cover we intended on buying was a white/black tarp a lot sturdy than what we used the whole time, but just used what was laying around. That was a thin black plastic tapped together to fit the green house and a blue tart over that. The style of green house was just a frame built by my Dad not intended for this use, but it worked well. The flowers started the first stretch and grew beautifully. So if your out there and feel like you need a lot you really don't need that much, a place to grow a structure for your cover and something dark enough to black it out to create your 12/12 cycle. It gets heavy dew at night here so when it comes time to cover the plant up for the night it must be done before all that dew drops or you will have moisture issues that leads to mold. Get out there walk the area your planting in best is with bear feet feel your moisture that will tell you. As for pest control we just picked them off. Kept a keen eye on those little buggers, aphids tried to move in at the end but neem oil and water spray along with a lot of picking kept them at bay, but not all gone. They came the last week of flowering stage. I will start the flowering stage earlier next year just so your girl wonโ€™t be the only juicy thing left in the yard. Harvest time all the plants are changing along with this girl her buds were changing, showing signs of maturity all the way down the stem. The leaves at the bottom stayed healthy green till harvest time. They will be washed dried and used for salves along with baking. There are many great nutrients in the Fresh leaves if you have a juicer. There was no foliar feeding just what nature brought us. The taste of the chlorophyll was sweet to my surprise. Which went right along side of the smell of the flowers, sooo sweet!! like cookies and oranges with notes of Liquorice in a giant magical plant. Harvested it at night just cuz that was the time we had to work on it. After all the harvest we hung it up for about 6 days then deboned the stalk, put them into curing jars. The root was dug up cleaned and made into a tincture. 7 liters of tincture it made from the root. This is great for the CBD non psychoactive healing. The bug weight was amazing for us. So much medicine in one plant. Thank you for the interest if anyone had anything to add to the method id greatly appreciate it. Thanks Kronic T.

Removed week 23

Suuuper nice! Muey bueno!

Removed week 23

Now thats a fantastic harvest. What a great job! I wish I could do outdoor where I live. I'm envious :+1:

DeathEvil week 23

Very nice harvest, and glad you enjoyed your journey with her:)

Korfer week 23

Filled jars porn ! :D
What do you do with the roots?


@Korfer, I make it into a tincture. So I just soaked this root in 8l of vodka for as long as life can hold it. but use it after 6 months id say. Its great for inflammation of the body and auto immune deficiency Peace Dude :)


@KronicT, waw thanks for the tip !

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