Critical Kush growing in an Hazelbox

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4 years ago
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weeks 1
Grow medium
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Week 12
12 hrs
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Goldbud Goldbud
4 years ago
Last week flowering…..
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Grow Questions
Goldbudstarted grow question 4 years ago
My Lady does not look very healthy, anybody an idea what could be the issue, see the picture under my grow diary week 1. I do the growing full organic. LED is dimmed down to 100 watts and 18 hours airpump per day.
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JinksyGrowsanswered grow question 4 years ago
Good news, I would not panic👍. From your grow details and your current environment I would do two simple things. Back that light off a little more. I know you're only operating at 100W right now, but being an LED and with it's relentless intensity for 18 hours a day, the girls just start to get pissy. Suggest turning the intensity back to manufacturer specs and raise the lamp to mitigate the intensity. I always find it easier to move a lamp on ratchets then to change integral settings. You have plenty of room, so finding a sweet spot for this lamp at this stage of growth will not take you long at all (From the lamp you're using, you're probably looking at a 60-75cm buffer space (24-30 inches). Second is just a nice full, balanced dose of nutrients with whatever early Veg schedule you're using. That's really it, actually. Plants are just fine, just stressed a bit and those white specs are good indication of bleaching from light intensity. I hope this was the answer you're looking for my friend. Definitely don't have anything to worry about, just need a couple tweaks to the environment. You good👍 Cheers and happy trails. Contact me in PM if you feel like there's anything else I MIGHT be able to help you with. Cheers!
Goldbudstarted grow question 4 years ago
When can I start with lolipoping? I am asking because the strains have hell a lot of leaves, the branches are already touching the wall of the growbox. I don't know if it's good if the branches are touching the wall, or do they need some distance to the wall?!
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mrlovesgrowanswered grow question 4 years ago
Yes do it now! Wipe away all nodes but the top 4! I highly recommend watching Kyle kushmans super cropping video on YouTube!
Goldbudstarted grow question 4 years ago
See video in week 9. The girls in a secret stealth growbox just ended week 5 flowering, but the flowering will take another 4 weeks. Since I am a greenhorn (first grow ever) I don't know what to expect in the last 4 weeks, is there anything I could optimize? Thanks for any ideas
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Grey_Wolfanswered grow question 4 years ago
@Goldbud Hi mate in the next few weeks expect the buds to swell a lot and if there isnt enough actual air movement inside your grow box (which is really neat by the way 🙏) then you could run into problems with mold o similiar. You should aim to have the plants physically moving around from the airflow sort of like a cool breeze on the beach. Other than that your humidity looks great @ 40% temps are fine and you seem to be on top of Nutritional requirements Good luck with your Kush harvest 👍

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Resin_Randyweek 3
Nice Job 🍀👌🏼
ActioPaulianaweek 1
Wow you have a nice setup! Maybe post some pictures of the healthy plants also, so people can compare. The 'sick' one doesnt look really bad, just a bit droopy. Was the picture taken at the end of the lightcycle? If you're sure its not caused by under- or overwatering, than it might be this: some plants tend to droop towards the end of the lightcycle, it basicly means they cant proces anymore light that day. The theory seems to be a bit controversial tho. Just google "plants drooping at end of light cycle" to look into it.
Just1leafweek 12
Amazing work mate 🙏🏻
Goldbudweek 5
First week flowering is done. Hope some Flowers will come up until the end of next week. I have had mold on the soil, for that reason I had to add two little fans below the strains, after 24 Hours mold disappeard completely💪
Goldbudweek 1
Hi Paulina the picture ws taken after about 6 hours Daylight. Since I use autopots a overwatering should not happen. I have posted the other two Pictures of the healthy plants. There are some spots on the leaves, but this is the anti stress spray I use every week.