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Sour Crack Triad

5 years ago
HID / 600W
HID / 600W
Room Type
Grow medium
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Grow Conditions
Week 4
18 hrs
Light Schedule
Day Air Temperature
Day Air Temperature
Air Humidity
Night Air Temperature
Night Air Temperature
Lamp To Plant Distance
Lamp To Plant Distance
Commented by XndpX XndpX
5 years ago

Beginning of the 4th week, 22 days old. Do you think the number #2 and #3 needs watering now? The weather is getting colder and dryer these days and I never watered them yet. I also have HESI SuperVit and should I give them some with next watering? Also since these are short and fast growing strains, I thought these small pots would be enough for them. What do you guys think, should I move them to bigger pots or add some more soil on the surface to bury the stems a bit more?

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Removed week 4

You may transplant now but be gently but also you may choose to go with same pot but ofc yield will be sacrificed:+1:wish you best of luck man

PharmaZ week 4

What light are you using?
You say you haven't watered yet?
I'd say they should have been watered a few times by now.
If your going to transplant do it ASAP into a fabric pot 3 gallon. Use all the soil you have in the pot currently and use the rest of the volume as perlite. This will give lots of aeration to the roots. When you water you need nutes.

If you transplant you will shock them but if you use a root stimulator or and some organic fert like kelp extract you shouldn't have such a big problem. If you manage to get another 2-3 weeks in veg at that stage your lucky. Worst that can happen is very shortly she's going into flower and your going to have a bud on a stick, or at least a 1ft plant with 10gs on it... Good luck anyways dude let me know what you decide to do, if you need any ideas message me:+1::skin-tone-3:


@XndpX, Good decision:v::skin-tone-2:️I came to see as I've just started a sour crack bean too, il follow along.
600w HPS or MH?
IMHO fabric pots is where it's at, cheaper than airpots similar outcome. 70/30 soil, perlite is good for a hot country climate 60/40 mild climate. Mix it well.



Thanks for the comment! It's 600W HID light. I just watered them last night, and they are looking better now. And I won't be able to find the items you said soon enough so I'll have to skip the transplanting then. But I'll definitely do the 3 gallon fabric pot with perlite thing with my next grow!

marijayjuice week 4

Hey mate! The healthy plants I saw in pics 1 & 2 are due for transplant. Yeah! They need some water. The trick in watering is this; you need to have a feel of the down-side of the pot or container with the back of your hand, if they are quite cool it means there is some water for the plants, but if you get a warm feeling, it means the plant needs some water. You should water your plants once per day at their stage. In respect of using SuperVit, it could be used throughout the entire life cycle of the plant. But care must be taken to use the right measure of it. For instance, add a drop of SuperVit per 4.5 litres of water. Wish you big harvest in due time.

CaciqueCayacoa week 4

Too late mate, too late.