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My First Grow

5 months ago
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Grow medium
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Week 2
15 hrs
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Commented by ramalo ramalo
7 months ago

This week she has been starting to grow more.

The stalk was getting quite long and she had fallen over a couple of times, perhaps the stem was a bit damaged. I tried to correct this by giving her some support and raising the soil a bit higher onthe stem. This seemed to resolve the issue and she is growing nicely again.

Still not adding any nutrients, and trying not to over water as my pot doesn't have great drainage. I've driled a couple f small holes in the bottom of the pot but it was tricky to drill through.

past few days the leaves have been really growing and seems she is back on track.

Grow Questions
ramalo week 1 started grow question 7 months ago
When should I add nutrients?
Hi all, I am using bio-bizz all mix. Will I need to start adding nutrients to the soil? If so, what kind of nutrients and when? I've read that for autoflowers not too much is needed.
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Beedog answered grow question 7 months ago
With autos I was using Biobizz light mix and didn’t start using nuits until week 3 and I could of easily waited to week 4 I would say you be ok whole way through veg utill week 5 with just a root booster but that just my preference on the root booster
ramalo week 1 started grow question 7 months ago
Should I repot to a pot with drainage?
I have been reading that drainage is very important. I am using a very large terracotta pot, which does not have drain holes. Would it be recommended to repot, drill holes in the bottom or should it be ok?
I'm hoping that as the pot is very large it shuold not be an issue
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Removed answered grow question 7 months ago
Heya Ramalo,

Yes you should be fine to drill some holes just be careful not to drop the plant! Something I would do...

But yes, drainage holes are recommended as cannabis like a wet/dry feeding cycle. You also want to try and water with 10-20% run-off. This helps significantly with root development and helps prevent root rot.

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Good Luck! @ramalo