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ARC Series 2.0 600

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With the ARC LED Grow Light you can grow any plant from seed to full harvest! Guaranteed to provide you with the most yields you have ever seen!




  • PAR Increase: Up To 50% Increase in PAR Intensity

  • ARC Technology:  Higher intensity, less waste and higher surface area

  • Modular LEDs:  Easy Maintenance. No Down Time

  • High Quality LED Modules:  High intensity, high efficiency and long life

  • Custom Lenses: 90% efficiency, even growth and intense output

  • Made in USA: ALL USA Made LEDs. Assembled in the State of Arkansas

  • Dimmable Switches: With Clone, Veg and Flower Modes

  • Full Spectrum 14+ Wavelengths of color output: 350-850nm

ARC Series 2.0 600ARC Series 2.0 600ARC Series 2.0 600ARC Series 2.0 600ARC Series 2.0 600
Power, Watts600W
Size19″L x 19″W x 3.6″H
Coverage5′ x 5′
Release Year: Previously Released

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we are fully committed to the development of LED plant growth lights, Hydroponic Lighting, Quantum LED Grow Lights and Agriculture Grows Lighting, Greenhouse Lighting systems, Commercial Grow Lights Sytems, Floriculture lighting, etc. R&D and production, sharing our latest LED plant lighting solutions, helping these brands and distributors to market together, make market planning, and provide you with LED grow lighting products And greenhouse systems that are most suitable for you, so as to double the output per unit area, The application and promotion of new modern planting technologies such as factories and modular plant factories have made the cultivation of common crops such as vegetables、fruits and cannabis, etc in severe cold and hot regions a reality, effectively solving the problem of planting in areas with food shortages.

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