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ARC Series 2.0 900

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With the ARC LED Grow Light you can grow any plant from seed to full harvest! Guaranteed to provide you with the most yields you have ever seen!




  • PAR Increase: Up To 50% Increase in PAR Intensity

  • ARC Technology:  Higher intensity, less waste and higher surface area

  • Modular LEDs:  Easy Maintenance. No Down Time

  • High Quality LED Modules:  High intensity, high efficiency and long life

  • Custom Lenses: 90% efficiency, even growth and intense output

  • Made in USA: ALL USA Made LEDs. Assembled in the State of Arkansas

  • Dimmable Switches: With Clone, Veg and Flower Modes

  • Full Spectrum 14+ Wavelengths of color output: 350-850nm

ARC Series 2.0 900ARC Series 2.0 900ARC Series 2.0 900ARC Series 2.0 900ARC Series 2.0 900ARC Series 2.0 900
Power, Watts900W
Size25″L x 25″W x 3.6″H
Coverage6′ x 6′
Release Year: Previously Released

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