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Elite 1200W

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Overall, it is really the exact LED (including the watts) for a small room. Though it doesn't turn off 100% but still continue to give some pale light from the LEDs. It never affects the flowering cycle but just to note here.
Next grow will be better got my new light latE end of grow. Its the 1500 Bestva 280 watts i can't figure how too remove the 1200 elite one
Nothing to say, it is a very reliable and results in good yield. No excessive heat, no malfunctioning for the last two years. A lesser would decrease the yield so I recommend this one for small indoors.
I like the brand. It has been nearly 2 years since I started to use the same lights and it still functions perfectly, not needed any maintenance. The penetration of the light is really good so it allows lower buds to develop, too. Any light smaller than this would result in a decrease in bud production but I would recommend this elite series 1200.
It was very efficient but after 3rd grow, the lights started to bright during the night cycle. But it did not affect flowering.