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The new T500 LED Grow Light (formerly Titan 5) is a state-of-the-art grow light from the LED experts at Cirrus LED Systems. Regarded as the most technologically advanced grow light on the market, it boasts a long list of industry firsts and exclusive features. Most notable of these features is Cirrus’s proprietary MCOB array. Designed and engineered to maximize power and efficiency, the MCOB array also gives you full control of your grow lights. The T-Series LED grow lights feature the exclusive Cirrus Leaf™ App, which allows you to wirelessly customize your light schedule and spectrum from any iOS or Android device.

Power, Watts500W
Led Bulbs36
Size19.25″ x 27.25″ x 3.8″
Release Year: Previously Released

Latest Reviews

Great lights,but no auto program forbauto flower any plant unhappiness was due too the clumsy app setup. Ny far the best light for your money is, well. Now a generic samsung QB with their new LM 301H white white wide band led , with added red, far red,uv and blue. 497.00 no name brand.

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