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The high efficiency SAMSUNG LM301B with an output of up to 230 lm/w of the Meanwell HLG series offers minimal power loss and a long service life (100000 hours of operating hours).

Replacement for 1000W HPS with light output 220-530W

Available in 3 types (3000K, 3500K, 5000K) to ensure the most useful spectrum for plants that grow in all phases, just like in the natural sun.

Highly efficient aluminum heatsink ensures efficient heat dissipation and longer lifespan, no additional ventilation system required.

PPFD: 1855.3 µmol/(m²·s)

Yields: 2-2.5 g/W

Recommended coverage:

  • Flower: 120x120cm

  • Grow: 150x150cm

Distance from the plant:

  • Grow: 40-80cm

  • Flower: 40-60cm

Power, Watts530W
Coverage150x150cm (5x5ft)
Release Year: Previously Released

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Latest comments

Hey guys,

We bought our Quantum board in 2019 through LEDGrowShopEU, this is a subcontractor of Easygrowlights.

We paid just under 700 € to find after one run that the LEDs flicker.

We have 5 years warranty on the device and for us it is not a good sign that the board is directly broken after one pass or has such defects.

We wrote to the customer support and sent our board to the manufacturer in the Czech Republic.

After about 2 weeks the board was back, but it didn't take long until we noticed that the board or the LEDs were still flickering after the repair.

So we contacted the customer service again, we are pissed off!

First we got a patzige short answer of an employee, when I then had described our situation again we were told that the clerk who has processed our case, no longer works there and that our board was sent back without repair.

On further questions of us are not caught, we are referred only again and again to the support.

We have also never been reimbursed for the freight costs to the Czech Republic.

We have had very bad personal experience
So we looked a little on the Internet and found that a lot of people are more than dissatisfied with the guys from Czech.

Complaints about defective goods, paid but never delivered goods and the refusal of a refund are piling up on the Internet.

We are currently trying to return our board and get our money back.

In any case, we recommend you to spend a little more money directly and buy a LED from a good manufacturer or supplier.
Preferably a manufacturer or supplier that is located in your country and can provide you with good support.

Kind regards