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Light with the most efficient Samsung LM301H,, that have no competition in LED chips used in the horticulture industry. V2 models are newly equipped with supplementary chips Osram 660nm and 730nm and also with LG UV395 chips.

Lights thanks to its enhanced power come up to more than 15% better results than V1 series.

Light power: 530W

Yields: 2.7 g/W and more


  • at a height of 40cm - 1806.93018 (μmol٠m-2٠s-E1r)

  • at a height of 60cm - 1181.59070 (μmol٠m-2٠s-E1r)    

Used chips: 1016x Samsung LM301H + 32 x Epistar FarRed + 4 x Osram 660nm and 4 x 730nm + 4 x LG UV395

Adjustable power:  YES  (power can be controlled only through the dimmer built in the driver in the range of 50-100%)

Distance from the plant:

  • Grow: 40-80cm

  • Flower: 40-60cm

Recommended coverage:

  • Flower: 120x120 max. 150x150 cm

  • Grow: 150x150 max. 180x180 cm

Power, Watts530W
Coverage150x150cm (5x5ft)
Release Year: Previously Released

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It’s actually very cool lighting

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