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The Greenception GC Bar 8 was designed for advanced and professional growers. It is the perfect tool for passionate gardeners who want to bring the yield and quality of their harvest to perfection.This module can be controlled automatically with light recipes and on 3 light channels over the course of the day. The particularly broad spectrum is expanded with near-UV and far-red chips, which allows for example the simulation of sunrises and sunsets with special spectra in order to shorten the cultivation time and expose the plants to less stress. The variable design of the system is ideally suited to optimally adapt it to any cultivated area, as the LED bars can be separated from the driver unit and can therefore be individually aligned. The GC Bar 8 is passively cooled and therefore absolutely silent in operation. We recommend the GC Bar 8 for grow spaces up to 150 x 150 cm (~ 5 x 5 ft.)

GC Bar 8GC Bar 8GC Bar 8GC Bar 8GC Bar 8
Power, Watts560W
Size900 x 900 x 75 mm
CoverageUp to 150 x 150 cm (5 x 5 ft.)
Release Year: Previously Released

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Absolut spitze. Wer auf Qualität setzt, ist bei Greenception genau richtig. Speziell auf die Lebensphasen der Pflanzen abgestimmte Lichtrezepte sorgen dafür dass sie genau das richtige Spektrum erhalten.

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