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The GC Spot is a variable full spectrum LED lamp. The E27 base enables easy installation because the lamp is screwed directly into the screw socket without an additional driver. As in all Greenception plant lamps, the highly efficient COB chip used is optimized for photosynthesis. Due to its compact design, the GC Spot is the ideal solution for illuminating dark corners in the grow room. With its power of 33 W and the full spectrum optimized for plants, the GC Spot can also be used as stand-alone plant lamp in small grow spaces and for growing seedlings / cuttings.

GC SpotGC SpotGC Spot
Power, Watts33W
Size121 x 121 x 130 mm
CoverageUp to 120 x 40 cm (4 x 1,2 ft.)
Release Year: Previously Released

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Buena marca con resultados muy buenos.

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