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The Grower's Choice 2K bulb is the optimal choice for blooming plants. Though the 2K HPS can be used in all stages of growth, it contains high concentrations of red and yellow light in it's spectral output, which mimics the natural color of sunlight in the fall, making it best for flowering periods.

  • Outputs UV spectra for enhanced resin production

  • 5% degradation rate at 10,000 hours    

  • High quality quartz glass for consistent spectral output and PAR production

  • Rated for 2,100 umol

Power, Watts1000W
Light Intensity155000
Release Year: Previously Released

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Do y’all have the 1200w 400v 2500Umol
That’s the De I have it will run the 1000watt bulb but i also have the Intensified 1200w 2k in the Master Pursuit.. I like it but it runs Hot