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An American company Growers Choice is manufacturing horticultural lamps in California and brings together experts in lighting and horticulture. The company is producing lamps and fixtures to increase the quality of the plants, make them healthier and stronger.

Growers Choice products are of high quality, long-lasting and at a reasonable price.

The company states that its lights have the closest spectrum to sunlight among the commercial lights. Precision gasses are used in the lamps for greater and consistent spectrum output.

It meets the needs of growers of all levels from small to large-scale grows, from commercial to home horticulture.

Growers ChoiceGrowers ChoiceGrowers Choice

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1st Grow: Exotic Genetix Truffle Monkey tokesly
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Top notch light. Extremely efficient. Can handle 10-15 plants no problem in flower
2 days ago
Excellent light. Very efficient. Wish is had better penatration but these diodes are limited
2 weeks ago
I loved the wonderfull coverage this amazing lightsource has and the spectrum was spot on to produce very dense and flavourfull buds Really overall great lightsource to work with
1 month ago
The light is a very solid design, it doesn’t put off a ton of heat. Even at 100% We definitely saw a increase in yield as well Over all I’m happy with the light.
2 months ago
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