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The Grower’s Choice 315w CMH/LEC Lamps are suitable for use in all standard 315w CMH/LEC fixtures. Grower’s Choice 315w CMH/LEC Lamps use a proprietary phosphor coating on the outside of the arc tube to provide you with the richest spectrum on the market.

  • For use in any 315w CMH/LEC fixture

  • Produces more PAR per watt than standard Metal Halide

  • Richest spectrum on the market

  • CRI of 97 makes this lamp the closest solution to sunlight available

  • Promotes extremely tight internodal spacing, leading to more flowering sites and a fuller canopy

  • Offers significant improvement in spectral quality over standard Metal Halide

Power, Watts315W
Light Intensity33000
Overall Temperature4200
Release Year: Previously Released

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CMH is great to work with and these ballasts make it all the easier. I love the bulbs too! I think I'm going to try a 10K finisher next time around.

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