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The Grower's Choice 6K bulb is the best bulb for plants in the vegetative stage. The 6K lamp emits a cool blue light, matching the color of sunlight in spring time. This color of light typically encourages short inter-nodal spacing and bushy plants.

  • Mimics spring time light, promotes short inter-nodal spacing

  • High quality quartz glass for consistent spectral output and PAR production

  • Great for commercial applications where a large vegetative footprint is desired

Power, Watts600W
Light Intensity50000
Overall Temperature6000
Release Year: Previously Released

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i have a 10 x 8 grow room area, with 2 x 1000w LED(cheaper brands so more like 200w) + 400 W MH Bulb + 600W HPS reflector. plants were somewhat crowded so did not get the best lighting(will improve room circulation on future grows)

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