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QB288 240W LM301H Epistar 660nm

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QB288 240W LM301H Epistar 660nmQB288 240W LM301H Epistar 660nmQB288 240W LM301H Epistar 660nm

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The Bruce "SuperHulk"
16 weeks
The Bruce "SuperHulk" MrJones
Bruce Banner #3
214 comments · 1 year ago
Power, Watts240W
CoverageFlower 4.5'X4.5' or 5'X5' (2 kits) | Veg 6'X6' (2 kits)
Release Year: Previously Released

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The Bruce "SuperHulk"
16 weeks
The Bruce "SuperHulk" MrJones
Bruce Banner #3
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Latest comments

Kingbrite makes really good stuff. all the people saying don't buy china made stuff.. buy HLG or Mars hydro... truth is, they all produce in china. probably same factory or same producing methods. they just charge more. now I have a problem with the big "quality and overpriced companies", why? well innovation and different LED- ratios is one thing (660nm blue light etc.). but those companies also sold trash LEDs for a long time,they were hiding the fact what LEDs they used to keep people from DIY their own lights. I think chinese manufacturers first came out with naming what LEDs they used. now everybody knows. no hiding under fancy brand names anymore, (what big names can do best). saying "I use the mars hydro fx30001 blabla" doesn't mean anything anymore.. dude just tell me what diodes in which ratio to compare results. if a manufacturer is hiding the type of LED they use for their lights... don't buy it. rule number one.
If you want to make your own custom light, or just can't order a heavy light cause of shipping cost, buy these and DIY!

I ordered 4 boards (3 ounce copper boards they use with the newer flat aluminium piece heatsinks)... I know how good quality pcb's look like cause I fly fpv and ordered a bunch of different FC's from china. good and bad. this is def. top quality. no junk. they also included a pack of stiff wires you need for assembling, and a pack of good quality hex screws for mounting. shipping was 3 days fedex express from china. customs payed are real low. If you want your own concept of light, and keep shipping cost low, plus top notch quality, Kingbrite is the way to go.