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The Dominator 2x is an innovative high intensity LED grow light designed specifically to fuel the entire photosynthesis process. Lush’s all stage fixtures produce a light spectrum 50% more energetic than HPS fixtures. This type of light will fuel your plants with the same highly energetic photons that come from the sun. Near UV light is used to stimulate more resin production while helping boost plants’ natural immune system. Lush has also increased the available photons for carotenes to increase the terpene production in your plants. Providing your garden with the energy it needs will reward you with a bigger, healthier and more nutritious crop!

Dominator 2xDominator 2xDominator 2xDominator 2x
Power, Watts435W
Led Chipset3
Led Bulbs200
Size35" x 3 1/2" x 8 1/2"
Coverage4' x 4'
Release Year: Previously Released

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