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NextLight Clone

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The NextLight Clone is a full spectrum, bright white LED grow light designed to efficiently replace a fluorescent 8 tube T5. This unit uses half the power, produces minimal heat and is silent. The Clone only draws 60 watts, covers a 2 ft x 4 ft clone footprint and eliminates the need to ever change a bulb again. It is part of the NextLight Commercial Series. This distinction means each unit is covered by a 5 year full manufacturer’s warranty, has a 100,000 hour life rating and is UL listed.

The Clone is designed to meet the needs of commercial and home growers alike. We understand excessive power consumption, bulb replacements and heat are the biggest problems indoor growers face. The NextLight Commercial Series alleviates all of those issues. Coming in at 2.15 PPF/Watt, the Clone is the most efficient full spectrum LED 8 tube T5 replacement, period.   

NextLight’s Full Spectrum provides the same sun-like qualities plants love without the negatives of high energy requirements and high heat. Using NextLight’s Full Spectrum you will see faster growth, tighter internodal spacing and increased production overall.

NextLight CloneNextLight CloneNextLight CloneNextLight Clone
Power, Watts60W
Size22 x 46 x 2.5 in
Coverage 2 ft x 4 ft
Release Year: Previously Released
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