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Optic 1 3500k COB

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These lights are nice for the price and power consumtion.
The Optic 1 LED is powerful and efficient enough. You should pay sufficient attention to the air flow if you use this because of its heat production.
The Optic 1 LED works nice as estimated. Free from deficit of the light yield, the LED is powerful and efficient enough for a small-scale growing. My only concern is its heat production, which would sometimes force me enlarge the lamp-to-plant distance. You should pay attention to the height of your grow tent if you use it.
buona penetrazione di luce . si arriva tranquillamente a 1g per watt
esperimento fatto con una di queste in un piccolo spazio non male ha una buona penetrazione e sono arrivato nonostante il piccolo spazio con 2 piante a 1 g per watt
I am a fan of these lights! For low power usage and no noise, they are great! They don't get too hot either. :pray:
:+1: Nice lights. Easy to use. Once I get the distance right, they grow like weeds! ;-)