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Optic 1 XL Dimmable 3500k COB

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Deliver superb lights for your plants, they just loves it
Super happy with this light, effective, dimable, super producer.....will upgrade to a GMAX300, but will definitely keep these for another tent ...cant wait! =)
Super broad spectrum, dimable light makes the adjustment so easy to get it on point!
I am a fan of these lights! For low power usage and no noise, they are great! They don't get too hot either. :pray:
This is the only brand light I've ever used for grows. Not too much heat. Easy to move around. Nice light.
Love these lights! What can I say? They are BRIGHT! NO noise. Easy to move when needed. Stay pretty cool considering the amount of light! Just got the dimmable one. VERY GLAD! Keeps tall plants from burning. :point_right::facepunch:
After buying the light, I waited for what it would bring, and I was surprised. It was a good investment. I definitely recommend and buy another light for the cabinet 50x80x179
it´s like having my personal SUPERNOVA :raised_hands: Jah Bless!