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Decent lighting for the budget minded. Better lighting I'm sure would yield a better harvest.
I use 2 of these to cover a 2 x 4 tent. A good enough light for beginners set-up, but now a couple years experience under my belt will soon be investing in a better lighting solution. Don't get me wrong, these lights have performed well, and have had no trouble at all producing all I can use, but want to make that next step up.
Not a commercial strength light, but running 2 of them in a 4x2 tent they do ok for a personal use grow. Really need something better though.
Noisy as hell. Wish I knew more at start and on purchase. But glad I traded up.
Great budget light with performance way above price point. Will keep as a secondary light when I upgrade.
Solid Light. Almost 2 years old, needs a cleaning but other than that it's solid. Allows me to simulate different light periods and temperature using the Dual Switch system. Will keep it in the rotation or as extra light when my new Viparspectra tester comes in the future. Solid piece for the price, has paid for itself 10X over.
Been going strong for close to two years! Need to open it up and clean it out, definitely dusty on the inside. The right exhaust fan SOMETIMES makes a grinding sound now in the last month or so. I would guess a good clean would take care of it, it has paid for itself almost 10 times over now and will definitely keep it in the rotation if I ever upgrade or add to my lighting. Always love the dual switch Veg/Bloom option, allows me to simulate low light and there is a noticeable 2 Degree drop in temperature when only Bloom is activated. Has allowed me to raise and drop temperature as needed. Would definitely stay with this brand moving forward but want to upgrade power/add to growing potential.
These lights are a good beginners light.
These lights do a decent job for a budget grow. I haven't used any others so I cant compare, but I would bet that a better made higher price lighting solution would increase yields. I would recommend these lights for beginners on a budget. I imagine a more experienced grower would probably find them somewhat lacking. I use 2 in a 2x4 tent. The heat produced is easily managed if the tent is in a cooler room and there is adequate air exchange in the tent.