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Moroccan Hash
11 weeks
Moroccan Hash Just1leaf
Hash Plant Auto
24 comments · 6 months ago
Carolina Banana
17 weeks
Carolina Banana Waylate
Banana Kush Autoflower
143 comments · 8 months ago
SweetSeeds iHydroSoil
12 weeks
SweetSeeds iHydroSoil DaSofaSurfer
Fast Bud #2 Auto®
35 comments · 1 year ago

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2x Runtz (Zamnesia)
11 weeks
2x Runtz (Zamnesia) DoDrugs420
77 comments · 4 months ago
3x Lemon Pie Auto (Fastbuds)
15 weeks
3x Lemon Pie Auto (Fastbuds) DoDrugs420
Lemon Pie Auto
65 comments · 11 months ago
5x Gorilla Cookies Auto (Fastbuds)
14 weeks
5x Gorilla Cookies Auto (Fastbuds) DoDrugs420
Gorilla Cookies Auto
72 comments · 7 months ago
2x Triple G (RoyalQueenSeeds)
11 weeks
2x Triple G (RoyalQueenSeeds) DoDrugs420
Triple G
102 comments · 4 months ago
3x Gelato Auto (Fastbuds)
14 weeks
3x Gelato Auto (Fastbuds) DoDrugs420
Gelato Auto
46 comments · 7 months ago
2x Gorilla Glue Auto (weedseedsexpress)
14 weeks
2x Gorilla Glue Auto (weedseedsexpress) DoDrugs420
Gorilla Glue autoflower seeds
38 comments · 12 months ago
2x Green Gelatto Auto (RoyalQueenSeeds)
17 weeks
2x Green Gelatto Auto (RoyalQueenSeeds) DoDrugs420
Green Gelato Automatic
29 comments · 11 months ago

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Critical 2.0 XL Auto
1 week
Critical 2.0 XL Auto Cannabis_King
Critical 2.0 XL Auto
5 comments · 19 hours ago
All on 4
1 week
All on 4 Spacedout
+2 strains
4 comments · 22 hours ago
Nitro haze
4 weeks
Nitro haze Rodrigoweed
Black Dom XXL Auto
5 comments · 2 days ago
Blue banner auto. Butterbean
1 week
Blue banner auto. Butterbean SmokanaganSeeds
Butter bean bird seed-blue banner auto
3 comments · 3 days ago
Girl Scout cookies
1 week
Girl Scout cookies Churrito21
+1 strain
6 comments · 6 days ago
Daniella (Kritical GB)
3 weeks
Daniella (Kritical GB) ganjermaster
Kritical GB
1 comment · 2 days ago
FB Blackberry - 1 Gallon
1 week
FB Blackberry - 1 Gallon SmokeBigBuds
Blackberry Auto
4 comments · 3 days ago

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This light saved the day for the big tents contents. Instant, positive response from the plants
15 hours ago
Purchased late in this grow, it certainly pulled it out of the ditch. Wide bright-Light, deep into the canopy… and an instant response from each of the plants
2 weeks ago
seems to work well
3 weeks ago
seems to support goo growth
3 weeks ago
Don't have any experience with other lights but these were superb... not even THINKING to replace them! Left them on 24/7 and my electric bill barely nudged up...
3 weeks ago
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someone can help ?
the pl-1000 , will it work in EU ? have an EU power outlet ? voltage 220-240v ?


@DieMama, bit late but yes