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Another successful harvest with this amazing light! Almost 4 years of non-stop use!
As usual, another fantastic harvest using my favorite lights!
Thick, resin crusted buds is what I'm after and this LED delivers! After 40+ harvests with these LEDs, I couldn't be happier. For my 3x3 setup, this LED is perfect. I especially like the white XML boost light that makes working in the tent a breeze without the need for additional lights to see what I'm doing. Great great LED!!
I can't say enough good things about this LED. I've been growing for nearly three years with these lights and they never disappoint! Beautiful colors on the flowers and a fantastic harvest!
Another fantastic harvest with this amazing LED!
Platinum LED has allowed me to harvest yet another fantastic strain. I love growing with these lights!!
Thanks again for another fantastic harvest with Platinum LED!
Another successful harvest thanks to Platinum LED! Thank you!