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The P450 effectively replaces a conventional 600w HPS grow light while only consuming 255 watts of actual power, while giving your plants 100% USABLE light that is perfectly tuned to create maximum photosynthetic response.

The secret to the PlatinumLED success is combining an optimal blend of 12 different bands of complete light spectrum all the way from the depths of UV to the upper IR – giving your plants EXACTLY the finely tuned spectrum that they need. By combining our finely tuned spectrum along with integrated 90 degree secondary focusing lenses that penetrate deep within the canopy, our high-output 3W LEDs simply blow away the competition.

Power, Watts255W
Led Chipset3
Led Bulbs150
Size11 x 19 x 3 in
Coverage4.5’ x 4′
Release Year: Previously Released

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By far the best light that I have ran with. The company has stellar customer service as well with a awsome warranty on all there products
Great light for the cost. The coverage angles are perfect for the tent size I have and canopy penetration is good as well. Only down is that it adds a little bit of heat when bloom boster setting is on so large ventilation is recommended.

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