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ViparSpectra specializes in manufacturing the LED Grow Lights industry for more than 10 years. This company made great achievements in producing popular grow lights for growers and large planters. In recent years, its business is expanded to a commercial level and got more followers keen on plants growing. Except for the old-version purple grow lights like Par series and VS series, ViparSpectra has released P series with high efficiency in 2019 and another cutting-edge grow lights -- XS series with Samsung LEDs & Mean Well driver in 2020. ViparSpectra has professional manufacturing experiences, integrated R&D development, an excellent sales team, effective product design, and efficient after-sales service. That is why its LED grow lights are welcomed among customers as they provide high levels of PAR ideal for indoor horticulture plants from peppers to medical plants. Optimal light spectrum helps increase more growth and yields with less energy consumption, compared with traditional horticulture technologies. A large number of users and influencers in a growing community stay tuned with ViparSpectra. Apart from providing LED lights, this company also provides grow tents, bags, and other accessories. Furthermore, they have built global warehouse nets so that fast shipping and local support are available for all customers in the US, CA, AU, EU. More areas are expected to witness their growth. Please wait and see! Exclusive coupon for Growdiaries members on the official website: Growdiaries

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Naprostá spokojenost
19 hours ago
Great budget light! Helped me get my temps in check and to use the dimmer to manage the PPFD in my tent.
21 hours ago
Great affordable lights!
21 hours ago
This light is great for the money especially since I had a 0 cupon through Amazon. Light spread is great and intensity is perfect.
a day ago
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