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MisterSix started grow question 5 months ago
I grow in soil and when i use ph water around 80ppm to see the run-off the result is 1400ppm, i didn't feed much just every other water between nutes and water.
Might be soil ppm already high.
The plant look normal & healthy no problem at all.
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ijustdontgiveaf answered grow question 5 months ago
well, i tend to disagree and say that 1400ppm in soil is actually very high.. that's an EC of 2.8!
for comparison, in soil it's recommended to go with an EC of 0.65 to 0.7 mS (see here: ) but it of course also depends on the environment like the intensity of the light, how tall the plant is and so on, whether it can handle it or not.. of course a plant under a quantum board setup with added co2 requires different nutrition than one under a 50w COB.. just like a bodybuilder requires different nutrition than a long distance runner..

In my DWC setup i can push it to EC 1.4, but that's the highest it will go during flower without showing any signs of overfeeding, and that's hydro.. my soilless setup (plagron royal mix) is meant for flowering plants and has an EC of around 1.6 and shouldn't be fertilised for about 6 weeks (slow release nutrients)..

if i were you i'd check what the base-EC of the soil is and if it's pre-fertilized then i wouldn't add any further nutrients.

on the other hand, if your plant looks normal and healthy (and not really dark green), then you should be fine..
NobodysBuds answered grow question 5 months ago
Keep eye on it... if it continues to rise, you know it's a problem. 1400 isn't that high. Between your tap and your ferts, it's likely approaching 800-1000ppm, i'd guess.. but depends on what you use.

If it remains consistent, it's probably okay. 1400 won't damage anything.

You can always give an extra dose of water-only with some good run off. If still a tade high. Double up -- next irrigation with water only too(not immediately, unless plants took a nosefive)