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Bombadil started grow question 5 years ago
On the 31st day I noticed that, in both the plants, the leaves started yellowing from the bottom of the plant! For now the yellowing reached the first couple of fan leaves.
You can see that in last three photos.

Could be some pH issue or some over/under feeding?
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My first diary Bombadil
Amnesia Lemon
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Week 5
Leaves. Color - Yellow
The_Projexx answered grow question 5 years ago
To me there's no problem other then the PH being off just a little bit in soil its ideal to be at 6.5-6.7 those are just your very starting leafs they always turn yellow after some time . I would keep doing what your doing because if you had a problem you would see it in other leaves as well not just those ones . I would prune those off and keep growing ! Ain't nothing wrong with what I see here . -Happy Growing !
Experimentgreen answered grow question 5 years ago
Hey there so where the leaves yellow is usually a great way of telling the problem..being low older leaves if they yellow and eventually die off that's typically nitrogen deficiency ...where as if it were a toxicity it would attack the tips of many leaves. If you up your feeding and the problem continues, then you may want to explore ph, watering or possibly a some of the more minor nutrients like calcium, boron magnesium etc.
We all have struggles like this, don't give up...the majority of the plant appears healthy. :v::green_heart::four_leaf_clover:
Removed answered grow question 5 years ago
Classic nitrogen deficiency. Your pH is good. Up the feeding a little