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Ap0_DrX started grow question 6 months ago
I brough the Hermie plant outside the room and this happen, tried to learn more about this but still no luck. Have any Idea ?
Garage Grow No.1
11 weeks
Garage Grow No.1 Ap0_DrX
2 comments · 5 months ago
Week 7
Leaves. Tips - Die
Leaves. Dropping off
Organoman answered grow question 6 months ago
If you have moved it from indoors to outside into direct sunlight, without "hardening off" first, this is the result, burnt tips.
Sunlight is much stronger than lamp light and any plant growing indoors needs to grow accustomed (harden off) to sunlight once moved outdoors by only getting morning sun, then shade for the middle part of the day, gradually increasing the amount of sun over a week or two, before it can handle all day sunlight.
Youthman answered grow question 6 months ago
I noticed this a lot of time in my hemp field, sometimes it's caused by enormous lens effect, when a strong sun come out after a rain, sometimes a little bi**ch parasites that eat near the stem :)
AsNoriu answered grow question 6 months ago
Wildest of wild guessses, bird had a poo ;))) and hit bulls eye from above ???

Never seen anything even close.

Totally lost, check roots, anyway its a hermie and goes out.

The leaf is damaged interesting too, stem helthy, heavy damage and again healthy ...

Good luck in finding answer ...

Happy Growing !!!
PeterSage answered grow question 6 months ago
if you mean outside with sun exposition it could be a sunburnt, otherwise it is really strange.. it is surely a burn, I guess those tissues are dry and crunchy...hard to understand the motivation, changed something in the diet?
Anonymous_2022 answered grow question 6 months ago
Hi there

It kind of looks like its got wet from feeding and got scorched by the light by the way its effected :thinking_face:

Hmm strange .. check the stem below make sure you haven’t damaged her when moveing her about,

Best of luck :seedling: