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BioBuds Master
Gorrila Glue #4 (Expert Gorilla)
Growing it
4 out of 5 Seeds did not germinate. Experst seeds prob cant help this since I bought them at a third party seedbank.
1 week ago
BioBuds Master
Gelato #33
Growing it
My review of strain so far:

Strain: Gelato #33 Fast by Advanced Seeds

Good for beginners: XXXXX yes, she is a dream to grow, just don't expect huge buds.

High yielder: XXX What I've seen it's a medium yielder, smaller buds, my results per plant are average, but high for this amount of light (100 watts per plant)

Resilliance: XXXXX extremely resiliant against lightproblems, fungus gnats, high PH in soil, low water conditions, training, supercropping, revegging and monstercropping, this without any hermie, my respect...

Light lover: she does seem to perform best under higher watts, I would love to try her with 500 watts and sunset / sunrise setting, she can do more than this Im sure. I should have let her reveg further and more ventilation for thicker branches.

Mold / disease resistent: XXXXX extremely resistent

Nutrients: XXXX Needs loads of sulphur or my medium is short on available sulphur, next grow will tell, otherwise normal uptake, can resist up to 2000 PPM in organic nutrients (with the tea added)

Vigor: XXXXX even when stressed, never stunted, average stretch during flower

Ease of growing: XXXXX Easy to train, responds well to fimming. Clones well, clones resilliant too.

Trichomes: XXXXX Large trichome packs with longer than average size, leaves almost not visible by trichome cover (not known if his is average for G33 or because of tea).

Attention sucker: XXXXX she is a delight, very easy plant, loves attention but can do days to weeks without care, my training and defoliating regime made it more hands-on but that was my choice.

Smell during veg: XXXXX Green grass, hay, fresh piney, stronger than average even in veg.

Smell during flowering: XXXXX tones of musk, danky gorilla's ass, citrus, older mens after shaves, spices, gingerbread, cookiedough, vanilla

Smell during smoking: XXXXX earthy, marzapan / almonds, piney, spices,

Taste: XXXXX Its hazey, piney, spicy and earthy.

Needs only a seven day cure / dry, in my case at average 22 degrees, 40 RH. No conditions for a cure, but it doesn't matter, her Sativa heritage makes her fantastic to smoke, straight after 7 days... A smooth smoke, I hope after the remaining jar cure, the terpenes will come out even more. But the smell coming out of the tent and after cleaning, from the jars... I never had this amazing and enourmously pungent smell coming from anything I've ever grown, especially in this stage.

Texture: the buds are sticky and greasy through and through, not extremely dense and compact but enough to need a grinder and have a timy bit fill a grinder full of fuffy bud, with a great crumble, that just keeps crumbling and making your fingers stickier in that greasy way.

Effect: XXXXX Its incredibly strong, its a full body high, but with remarkabe mind clarity. This is the strongest weed I've ever grown myself.
2 months ago

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They are regular seeds..ethos white wedding and superhero


@Rabbimic, with regulars and 8 weeks of veg, fimming or topping and sog like grow can get you 450 with the old LEDS, with new LEDs it can be even higher. But this is if all goes right! If stuff goes wrong youll get anwhere from 30 gram / 100 gram per plant.