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Since you’re growing auto flowers you really don’t need a seed and a final soil mixture.

If you balance the soil and plant in the final pot you’ll be good to go throughout the entire grow. Autos don’t need nearly as much nutrients as photoperiod plants do so this is why a light mixture is key!

I’ll just give you a simple recipe without peat moss because it can be hard to find.

Ratio 1:1:1 (1 part medium, 1 Part compost, 1 Part aeration)

1st Part: Coco Coir (I prefer canna coco)

2nd Part: Compost (50% Worm Castings, 50% General Organic Ancient Forest Humus) You can use other composts but make sure you cut it with 50% worm castings or vermicompost. Worm castings are very gentle form of nutrients for a plant whereas some compost usually manure based can be pretty “hot” and high in nitrogen which can burn seedlings and autoflowers. I recommend ancient forest humus because humus is technically old compost which doesn’t really have nutrients but more so has tons of fungi, beneficial microbes and bacteria and also helps aid in aeration and water retention.

3: Aeration (95% Perlite, 5% Bio Char)

If possible add about 1 Tbsp of mycorrhiza per 1 cubic foot of this medium. I also to prefer to add about 2 Tbsp of granite powder and 3 Tbsp of basalt per cubic foot of soil.

Now keep in mind this will not be a water only soil and you will have to feed occasionally with liquid nutrients, dry amendments or actively aerated compost teas (which can be made with the ancient forest humus and earth worm castings)

I hope this is helpful to you! Feel free to message me for any info on making your own Soils!

Since you already have peat moss I would cut that in half with coco. The reason I say that is because peat tends to be acidic and holds onto water better than coco, coco on the other hand is around 6.5-7.0ph and holds oxygen way better. I tend to do 50/50 coco and peat for best results!

Since you already have azomite on hand you can replace the basalt and granite powder for that instead since azomite has an insane amount of minerals!

I don’t have too much experience with miracle gro soil with Cannabis but I know it tends to be a bit too strong for autoflowers!

What I would recommend is;


1: medium (50/50 coco & peat moss

2 compost (50/50 worm castings & your homemade red wiggler compost)

3: Aeration (100% perlite)

If you wanted a medium that is a water only you could do (25% peat, 25% coco, 50% miracle grow soil) for your first part of the soil mix.

I would then feed the trifecta plus when you start to notice that she needs more nutrients after growing a bit in this medium! I wouldn’t mix the trifecta in with the medium I would just top dress when the plant starts asking for nutrients!

The mycorrhiza isn’t necessary but it helps with nutrient cycling and can help uptake more nutrients and prevent nute burn but only to an extent!

As for the kit you found, that’s definitely one bad ass starter setup I would go with that same unit myself if I had the space!