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Chance429 Newbie
OG Diesel
Growing it
This is my own strain, i dubbed Darwin's Original Great Basin Kush.

I took 100 plants and tried to kill them by exposing them too different extremes, hot, cold, dry, wet, minimal nutrients ect. Out of 100 i had 13 survivor's 5 females and 8 males. I picked the healthiest 3 females and my favorite male from the group. The seads were from a random collection, and it is to my belief based on plant characteristics, and terpenes, that the mother was Christmas Og, better know as Pine Og and the father i believe was strawberry cough. This is a hybrid and both sativa and indica can be seen when growing larger crops. Ive pulled ,pine, citrus, lemon, melon, diesel, strawberry, and blueberry terpene profiles from the genitic profile.

The plant is very resilient and can grow in both hot, and cold environments. It is, mold and fungus proof. It can withstand extreme freezing, snow storms and live in frozen ground. The plants can grow as big as the containers there hosed in 3 to 6 feet. This is strain has took twenty years to develop and all generations have been grown outdoors with in the great basin, one of the worlds harshest environments.
3 weeks ago

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