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clown420 Newbie
Green Crack
Growing it
This is a activities smoke for sure very relaxing but you don't get tired. Smokes so good.
3 years ago
clown420 Newbie
Girl Scout Cookies
Growing it
I had heard a lot about FastBuds girl scout cookies and wanted to try it for myself, the way people explained the flavor of the smoke and the effect it had on them drew me to it.
From seedling to harvest this lady was well mannered and cause next to no dramas.

Grown with a small 45w LED in Coco pot as I had very limited space and didn't want anything massive. Being my first grow ever this was a big learning experiment and made me excited to see the progress every day. As you go through the diary you will see that I have noted all the things I have learned while growing, patience being the main one. The lady was a very loud and aggressive smell shortly after growing into flower and I highly recommend a carbon filter, but please don't be put off as this smell is amazing to every smoker's nose. Very frosty and the trichome structure was well built up.
Flowers were very dense and sticky to the touch towards the end and I just wish I had a bigger light as I can really see this plant taking off. Feeding was a breeze and I experimented with a couple methods noted in the diary so please go through and have a read. I highly recommend this strain for the first time grower as its very resistant to every environment hot through to cold (you'll see I noted a few issues with the hot weather my area was having) right through to the advanced. Freshly cut there was 130g slightly trimmed, completely dried 30g with some missing as I gave some to friends and had to sample. so maybe another 7g on top. I have about 25 grams of frosted leafs that I will use for butter.

Now for the best part the smoke report, first off gotta say that smell mmhhha so damn good. Citrus sweet smell, taste about the same. After taking a hit over the first few minutes I felt a nice relaxed feeling in my body shortly after that the classic Sativa head high this lasts a good 30 mins like this and calms down to a relaxing uplifted feeling. I got a slightly paranoid a couple times but other than that there are no bad notes.
Well that's it thanks for dropping by, feel free to ask some question or if you have any advice please let me know and I'll do my best to answer your questions.
3 years ago

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