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dahoola Apprentice
Auto Orange Bud
Growing it
The dry yield from AOB # 1 was 78.3 grams and AOB # 2 64.2 grams (partly due to rot). So a total of 142 grams. The smell that comes to mind when opening the jars is simply delicious. 80s Skunk, natural orange, a little cedar/wood/furniture polish, slight sweetness. Did I mention SKUNK?! plants grow easily and formed quite a few buds. Only I have seen a lot of bud rot in the end. Especially in the very thick head tops. Of course this is much more sensitive to rot, but it seems to me that this autoflower is not so resistant to rot. I have been growing in the same setup for several years and this is the first time that the rot has struck so hard. Fortunately, they were huge animals, that despite the rot, the yield was very good. this weed gives me (and my GF) a really nice old school relaxed, skunky, chilled, "you aint gonna piss me off today" kinda high. More "solid" than I was expecting, Maybe less sativa than I was expecting, in a good way ;) Motivational, good vibes, sociable, funny, positive. But also a decent heaviness to the high so I don't feel the need to build a joint every 45 minutes.
4 days ago
dahoola Apprentice
Think Different
Growing it
I have harvested both TD plants. TD # 1 had a dry weight of 93.8 grams and TD # 2 had a dry weight of 87.3 grams. A total weight for these 2 plants of a good 180gram. They have Beautiful light green nugs covered in a lot of frost.
had a slight heat stress issue about halfway through that had an impact on the upper buds of the plants. The scent is Sweet and citrusy ... Almost like honey and lemons. And strong ... These buds reach a room real quick!
Tastes exactly how it smells. but if I am critical, in a joint the taste disappears quickly after a few puffs. I suspect that the pallet of terpenes in a joint does not come into its own.
conclusion a very potent plant that hit pretty hard. Rather a night smoker than a daytime. Smells delicious, but in a joint the taste pallet quickly disappears.
4 days ago