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Dilphoducus Newbie
Northern Express
Growing it
Northern Express has been one hell of a strain to grow, very fun to watch grow and develop! I orginally planted 2 northern express seeds alongside my Fastberrys and LSD's but after watching them grow so fast i planted 2 more 2 weeks later! (those should be finishing up here shortly). The strain really fattens up quite beautifully when its in its final days of flowering and the 1st pheno smelled very citrusy and floral the 2nd pheno however reeked a funky fuel smell! Pheno #1 was pretty frosty as you can see in the pics but the 2nd pheno was a freakin sugar cookie! I'am a little dissapointed in my yield of only a little over 2 OZs but what can I expect when im running only 3 COBS for 11 plants lmao but the quality of this stuff is amazing TOP SHELF forsure!! Im already all out of them both haha Fastbuds did a great job with this auto northern lights its a great tolerant plant that responds well to lst and is very vigorous throughtout its entire life cycle and def has potential to be a monster given the PROPER lighting :wink: I'd love to give this one another go as a single grow just to see its full potential given sufficient lighting and enviroment white flies really hurt all the plants this harvest which probably adds to my reduced yield but its all good growing is a learning process and iam always eager to grow and learn from my mistakes and hopefully help somebody along the way anyways this stuff makes for some primo smoke enjoy ! *Smoke Report on comment*
6 years ago

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