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General Hydroponics (GHE)

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Fresco Newbie
Growing it
The strain is unambiguously hardy. This was my first experience, and despite the fact that I studied a lot, there were some mistakes. For example, I did not take into account the fact that the bushes grow 2 times during flowering, which is why my main lining bush was almost right next to the lamp. At the end of flowering, bananas began to grow on it, but it was not scary.
The bush lst also, through my fault, initially slowed down and did not rise for a long time, but then it nevertheless caught up with its neighbor.
I find it ideal for beginners to grow, but not to smoke. I tried a bud from a clone, which had to be cut and which at the time of the harvest was in the bank for about a month. Honestly, I'm not a fan of smoking weed, it doesn't work on me in a way that I like it, but this variety made me feel euphoric for a while, which others did not manage. (This effect was from a very small dose.) Then I tried a little more .. I felt hungry as usual and the rippling effect set in. The indica was replaced by sativa, I wanted to lie down, then take a walk. I went to the store for something tasty and did not want to return home, as it is spring outside, it became warm and I really wanted to take a walk. By the way, I was delighted with how the snow seemed to me, it was dazzling white .. although we have a rather gloomy and gray city. But then she came ... paranoia. It began to seem to me that they found out about my mini garden, and a man was watching me in the car, after a while I forgot about it, but I could not throw this thought out to the end.
All in all, smoke this strain wisely, it is really powerful stuff.

At the expense of the volume of the harvest. I'm shocked .. I counted on less than 100 grams, I couldn't even think of 200, but it turned out about 250. True, I still doubt these numbers, because the scales each time show different values, depending on the dishes, in which I measure, once I counted 300 grams .. I did not believe it at all.

I give 9 stars out of 10 ONLY because I have nothing to compare with and because one of the seeds did not sprout, but this is nit-picking. The strain is excellent.
10 months ago

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