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1 day ago
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2 days ago
4/20 < Happy! One week today. Plants of The Ape Update: Today was moving day. Got Tina and Louise out of the projects and into the penthouse. Not sure if this officially makes me a sugar daddy or not yet, but anyway in the immortal words of George Jefferson... "We're movin on up." Now the transplant was not without a SNAFU of course. I had cut the bottom away from Tina's pot ad she sort of just come spilling out as she disappeared into a sinkhole that I created, poor girl looked like she was being engulfed in quicksand. This is when the wife added her two-cents in the immortal words of Fred Sanford... "You Big Dummy." Needless to say, she came in like the champ she is and showed me how it was done. She cut down both sides of the cup, opened it up like a Banana reached in and gently lifted Louise up and placed her into her new home like a boss. I noticed that Tina (the runt) had nice girth on her tap root but she had very little mass as far as feeler rooting or spreading, whereas Louise you could see roots all over the place, so much so that they held her soil mass together like a fat kid with a cookie. She didn't drop one morsel. We watered them just around their base and about two inches in diameter. Notice I said "we" Heather has taken a vested interest in the girls. Something about my caveman's hands. "Atouk Alunda, Lana" "Atouk Haraka Haraka!" So the move was a glaring success and on 4/20 how cool is that? I have enclosed a pic of the medium in case, anyone has any idea of what I may need before the Mega Crop arrives and a couple of pics of Tina and Louise.