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@XII_XII_Green, Hey there, I build my own LEDs similar to HLG, using "mid-power diodes". I have also built COB fixtures and discrete diode elements; not all of this is in my diaries but you can see some in Lemon Kush. Anyway, I noticed these posts. I don't want to write a whole essay here but I can guarantee you that a HLG-type LED with good light spread will completely Destroy anything purple in the year 2019 for a large variety of reasons. You don't have to take my word for it, I'm just a dude, I'm not selling anything. There is a huge wealth of information about lighting which I have been reading for months . Dr. Bruce Bugbee is a good starting point, he might dispel some of what you think about blue light :wink:. Actually, even the Blue:Red ratios in 3000K and 3500K white leds are sometimes thought to be unfavorably high for cannabis (esp. when yield is a concern). which is why many are adding 660nm diodes to white leds - to reduce that B:R ratio. Moreover, any white led will have infinitely more spectral quality than a light made up of color diodes. (Green light is also worth tons for photosynthesis above light levels of >500µmol/m²/s.) I absolutely hate purple lights and their lying makers. I have one that I quickly got rid of. There are only a few color diodes in the world today that even match white leds' luminous efficacy. One is Cree XP-G3 series, 3µmol/s in the highest bin. Impressive. So - A QB288 v1 board costs $45 for the consumer. This has lm561c samsung diodes if I remember correctly. If HLG used Cree XP-G3s to populate the board, it would cost HLG $240 to even produce a single board of the same wattage. Never mind the price for the customer. If even the XPG3 series is just barely better than most current white diodes, at an absolutely disproportionate price increase... long story short, I can guarantee you that Every RGB diode used by companies like Mars Hydro, Black dog, Bestva etc, is trash compared to it, and in effect, compared to white leds. This is proven time after time by Shane from Migro (youtube) who shows with his tests that no blurple fixtures has achieved an efficacy greater than HPS. Sorry for the long and 'opnionated' post, its just that I think your plant would look great in white light :smirk: edit: There are new some newer led fixtures on the market using a blend of white, red and blue. These are good too. It's not that I'm against color diodes. They will be much more efficient than white leds in the future. Currently white leds is the way to go. mix in some discrete colors like 660nm 380nm 730nm and you're in an even more awesome place

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Growing it
Harvested on day 84. Had a great time with my second diary on the site. Breeding mission was succesful! Have thousands of mature Cash Crop seeds that have already germinated.
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2 years ago
Growing it
Super happy with this grow for the little time I spent on this girl each week.

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2 years ago