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iMeus Master
Orange Sherbet Auto
Growing it
Orange Sherbet Review

Strait gas! Reminds me of NY Sour Diesel with orange zest accents. This girl has an incredible scent profile so those of you who like citrusy & gassy buds this will be a treat!


The strong gas like features pull through on the draw, can’t miss it! The orange, citrus tones are a pleasant finish to complement this bud. Honestly one of the best tasting strains I’ve had in a while, wish I had more :)


Complex, the initial hit flows over you like a gentle wave. It’s not gentle for long, after 10-15 minutes the feeling will hone into a strong cerebral experience. My head feels light and fuzzy, I’m also easily distracted which confirms the cerebral effects. It’s a good strain to use on a holiday or special occasion. When the effects are over I feel a bit tired and sluggish, though it’s a very pleasant experience overall. Ps, don’t plan anything important if you use this girl ;)


Peak is ~15 minutes in and effects are minimal around ~1 ½ hours (this will change per individual)

Overall Satisfaction
Extremely satisfied! Again I wish this wasn’t an auto so I could keep a cut of this particular pheno, which makes me value the buds I have even more. As much as I want to put 10/10 I had another pheno that wasn’t to my taste though it was still a great experience rating at 7/10 so to break even I’ll make an 8 1/2 . Though don’t be fooled, The short and super stocky pheno was a 10 no doubt, I would like to see what more selective breeding at Fast Buds will bring to the future, well done mates!
5 months ago
iMeus Master
Purple Lemonade Auto
Growing it
Purple Lemonade Review

Very purple! This is the darkest and most intense colored strain I’ve grown to date! Like seriously I wish more strains were like this. Oh and the colas and nugs were massive too, genuinely surprised me. None of my photo periods got this big (yet ^-^), great looks, very pretty.

Sweet and mellow, this particular pheno is less citrus/lemon and more sweet berry. As the cure progressed (over 30 days) these buds mellowed out even more and have a hint of earthy tones. I don’t mind the mellow factor, it’s nice to have a strain that doesn’t stink up the whole house when I grab a nug from the jar.

It Tastes like she smells for the most part. I can taste the citrus which wasn’t present in the smell, like a hidden treat at the end of the draw. Pleasant and full of terps, wish I had more.

Relaxing and partially heady (light sensation in the prefrontal cortex). It's not a complex high like Orange Sherbet but this is an indica dominant strain so it's not meant to be complex ya. This is a nice end of the day, chill, but functional buzz. I usually hit this girl up when I'm finishing up grow notes on Google Docs or catching up on some shows I like to watch (anime, history, science and bushcraft). I don't notice any anxiety (yet), a plus for me. This high is pleasant and relaxing, muscles seem to release and I feel slightly sedated though not enough to fall asleep.

Peak is ~20 minutes in and effects are minimal around ~1 hour but still pleasant for another 20 - 30 minutes (this will change per individual).

Overall Satisfaction
Satisfied! Though this girl is good and I enjoy her smoke, she’s not very intense and lacks the duration I seek. So I have to hit my vape every 35 minutes or so to keep the engine going. I give this pheno a 7/10, I had a “green lemonade” but that pheno was musty, earthy and overall unpleasant. Though I don’t want to lower the rating because of one bad apple.

Mold warning, these buds are big and dense (well the majority of FB strains I tried have large colas). I’d recommend lowering the RH to 35% or 40% max in flower, or you may develop mold. Another thing is the buds can get so heavy you need to support the branches so your plant doesn't tip over.
6 months ago
iMeus Master
Wedding Cheesecake Auto
Growing it
‖ TOC ‖

:white_medium_square: What was it like growing this strain?
:white_medium_square: How does the high feel?
:white_medium_square: Comments
:white_medium_square: Final Thoughts


Since I grew two of these I noticed a difference in both phenos. One pheno (WC# 1) was shorter and more compact, and easy to feed. The other (WC# 2) was tall! Over 36 inches, easily a foot taller than all the others included. But WC# 2 was hard for me to feed, since it was a sativa dominant pheno and had one strange appetite. I couldn’t meet her needs perfectly so her yield suffered a bit. I’m honestly surprised at how these autos behaved, on a whole they’re stable and have a solid structure. Well, until the buds pack on weight and bend to the ground! Seriously top heavy producers so put up support like netting, stakes, or something to keep the canopy intact. Towards the end of the grow I noticed autos get a little, finicky with their nutes compared to photos. Not a con, just a difference in metabolism. This was fun and challenging at times, but overall a good experience for me.

‖ HIGH ‖
Wow, the first thing I can’t miss is the smell! Holy hell it’s like sour diesel without the diesel, weird thought but hear me out. It’s sweet, tropical, with hints of soft citrus notes that seem to have a slightly gassy finish on the draw. The taste is bright, and the tropical sweet notes are not just notes, they’re the fire of this strain! I’m getting blasted with terpenes left and right when used in a flower vape, incredible. The best auto I’ve had to date, period. I love it! As a huge fan of photoperiods I can’t say this tops my list of the greats I’ve had, but it wouldn’t be fair to compare to photos since these aren’t. I gave this strain an 8/10 because I am comparing my whole 13+ years of experience with cannabis. As an auto it’s a 9/10, almost a perfect 10! Whoever the breeders are at Fast Buds they’re killing it with this level of quality. I don’t like to sing praises for people but this earns an applause. I have a weakness to high functional strains that motivate, and kick you into gear for cleaning, studying, creating art, even enjoying some tea and reading. This Wedding Cheesecake is my kind of poison for day or night. No anxiety, just pure bliss :)

Please make more strains like this Fast Buds, I’m in love <3

I wish I could keep the WC#1 as a clone, It’s been a long time since I had a strain that impressed me this much. I should thank Fast Buds for the sponsorship, I wouldn’t have had this lovely experience without them reaching out to me. On a note regarding the consistency of uploads, I’ve been really busy with school and life that the weeks have flown by. I’ll set up specific times to set aside for Grow Diaries so I can keep a consistent upload schedule. I have videos and pictures for some of the missing weeks that I’ll upload in the coming weeks when I have time. :)


What a great experience with this strain. Wedding Cheesecake has given me a new appreciation for automatic cannabis. Which to be honest, I was doubting that I’d ever enjoy autos. My last Experience with Growers Choice Seeds was bad, inconsistent product, mutations, and long (really long) veg times for autos. This was two years ago so who knows, maybe their product is better now but I’ll stick with Fast Buds auto genetics since they’ve proven to be worth the investment of time and energy. As a photoperiod loving guy that’s saying something :)

Much love and stay safe out there!

8 months ago

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