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Humboldt Seeds
Heavy 16

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Jack_Greenstalk Apprentice
Platinum Yeti F3
Growing it
night time smoke for sure, a lot, had 2 very distinct different phenos both very heavy hitting sedative smokes. Pheno report.

"purple pheno" #4 to sprout out rooter cube
Smell: Gas :fuelpump: on jar opening. Ground up has Vanilla :cookie: perfume

Taste: Movie theatre butter :popcorn: fuel:fuelpump: baked buttery vanilla cookies :cookie:

Medical Effects: night time smoke! crazy couch lock, very sedating, helped me sleep:sleeping: strong pain reliever. narcotic type high, slows thoughts down to clear focus calm. I felt glued to my chair more then any strain I've ever tried before.  Great stress reliever

Notes: refer to this one as the "purple pheno" One of the most attractive smelling strains I've ever come across:nose::eyes: when you smell it you want to smoke it. after smoking it you want to smoke more of it... but its pretty potent so this one is likely to end your night once you start on it!:sunglasses::ok_hand::dash::sleeping::sleeping:

green pheno #3 sprouted from rooter:
Smell: Lime with subtle skunk & burnt rubber
Taste: Lime peels and burnt rubber
Medical Effects: Very Sedating, stress reducer. slows thoughts down
Notes: stayed green entire grow
2 months ago
Jack_Greenstalk Apprentice
Sour 76
Growing it
3 Plants. 3 citrusy phenos!
#1 : First to sprout rapid rooter. TASTE: Pure Lemon front end into hashy cakey afghani. refer to this as the "lemon hashcake" phenom very dense, beautiful nug structure. Yielded 24.5 dry grams of primo smoke. Uplifting more cerebral sativa high with some punch in body as well. happy stress reliever for sure! has some "gassy" or fuel notes to it but very subtle

#2 Tangerine pheno: I orginally thought sour 76 was sour diesel x 76 Afghan til i read hso marks post on uk420 forums saying its cali sour d x 76 afghan. cali sour d is cali orange x sour d x mexican sativa. and it shows in this pheno which smell and taste pretty similar to tangie my friend grows which is cali orange x skunk 1 (mexican sativa x Colombian sativa x afghan indica) pretty similar genetics roots! Smell: Sweet tangerine :tangerine:
Taste: Just like tangerines :tangerine:
Medical Effects: Hybrid feeling effects felt both in body and mind.  Stimulating mentally, relaxing in the body.  Mild pain relief generally with amazing relief improving feeling in joints (reduced swelling or irritation in otherwise aching areas, loosened tension at joints)

Notes: After breaking up or grinding the sweet tangerine open jar/bud smells turns more sour tangerine with very subtle gas aroma. This one is scary strong! I am an all day regular smoker of the most potent buds I can find, and I never make it thru 1 bowl of this without long breaks after each hit.  Starts off strong and creeps to EXTREME psychoactivity.  Not for the faint of heart this one might not be best for "new smokers" :sunglasses::fire::fire::fire: yielded 26.1 grams if id have taken clones this woulda been the keeper of the batch, but I got more to check out in future run :) and I got a cloner and veg chamber to start keepin the keepers now I know i like the strain!

#3 Lime Fuel pheno: Smell: Lime:melon: and gas :fuelpump:
Taste: lime
Medical Effects: Cerebral uplift. Creeper. thought it was weakest on initial smoke but 10 minutes in it end up being strongest high of all 3.  super wicked sativa, buzzy uplifting all similar to Cinderella 99 or strong jack herers this has almost a "scary high"  first few times but once you get used to it or microdose, it is a super fun creative medicine.  Helps my arthritis pains and gives me the clean up the house kind of high
Notes: Foxtailed, lowest yield of 3 sour 76's likely because its place directly under the light (perhaps didnt like too intense direct light) but is the most potent of the 3 as well. yielded 22.5 grams of dry
2 months ago
Jack_Greenstalk Apprentice
Blue Dream
Growing it
high yielder despite my mistakes along the way ended up with 6.5 oz off 2 ladies in a small closet test run (first ever grow in this tent, first time in coco using heavy 16). very happy with results. The smell is unreal! I had two distinct phenotypes one of the two smelled exactly like blueberries with a little bit of gas on the back end. The other was Very lemon scented with spicey peppers and subtle herb or mint on the back end. Both stretched like crazy in flower. after 53 days of veg with training they were 13 inches before flip to 12/12 light cycle. 5 weeks into flower they were 40 plus inches fighting thru two scrogs. real beasts! wouldve grown bigger and yield way more if I had enough space. lesson learned i need to veg shorter time so i dont grow into my lights. these foxtailed a bit but likely due to heat and stress being so close to such a powerful light 315 watt LEC (recomended 18-22 inches away, some spots on mine got as close as 12 inches- caused some bleaching in closest zone to light, but after harvest i removed all this to make coconut oil some day maybe). ALL in all really amazing strain, had high heat (mid to high 80s at times) and really packed them in, got ZERO mold, i was shocked. normally if i have buds touching eachother or up againat a wall of tent theyll get some little spots, nothing systematic, but none here! had some fungus gnat larvae early on as only pest, I mist with cold pressed neem oil killed larvae and the ladies lived on and got over early stress from my poor feeding and watering practices, and bounced back very nicely!
7 months ago