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JackStraw74 Newbie
Rage OGK
Growing it
Very happy with the genetics and strain, will certainly run more from Moscas Fem line. Very much fulfilled to dank fuely skunk variety I was seeking.
Had very little variation in my 3, 2 were slow starting that stretched more and finished fatter, the early starter slowed and stayed a bit shorter.
Could see the difference in phenos, but very minimal and they all finished up around the same time.
Smell was musky and diesel fuel.. By week 6 of flower a pinch and finger smell gave off a pure diesel smell. Very gooey and sticky, loaded with resin.
By the end they started leaning at the top a bit from the weight.
They are in the tent now hanging. Have rh range around 60-70% and 73f.Should be 8-10 days and then in jars for final dry/cure..
Picked a few last week to taste test prior to chop. Very nice, a little fresh grass smell but once broke up n rolled the deisel/fuel was there. Taste was excelent as usually is with fresh flowers..
Buzz was perfect, nice and heady psychedelic, most trichs were still cloudy so had a good uplifting effext rather than couch lock...
Will update weight in a couple weeks......
1 year ago