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Mephisto Genetics
General Hydroponics (GHE)

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JohnnyShake Apprentice
3 Bears OG
Growing it
So, I never have smoked a bad Mephisto strain. This continues that tradition. It's a great high. I harvested while the trichs were mainly milky with a bit of clear. The buds at that point were suuuuper hard to the touch. They dried for between 5-10 days depending on the plant. Not ideal, but my drying space isn't great and it's been cold as hell and the heat had been on, drying some out quicker. I purposely made as little effort as possible with these plants to test out my basic over the counter super soil mix. It's a 50/50 blend of Bu's Blend Compost and Fox Farms Ocean Forest. It worked remarkably well in my opinion, and I really didn't need to add anything. I did use Veganic Special Sauce, but that s mainly to keep up the beneficial microbes and stuff in the soil. I didn't PH, and I guesstimated the Veganic Special Sauce feedings. Then yield was good. The buds are insanely hard and I would say it's a 9/10 in density. The smell while growing was a super sweet candy fruit. The flower rosin from this stuff is ridiculous, tastes like lime candy. Instant budder too. Grow this. It makes a superb delicious blunt also, has a nice lingering aftertaste that my buddy says tastes like fruit loops.
6 years ago

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